The Driver Era Release 'Live at The Greek': 'We're Making the Best Music We've Ever Made' (Exclusive)

Brothers Ross and Rocky Lynch, known as The Driver Era, have released their first live album commemorating their sold-out performance at The Greek Theatre

<p>Hunter Reynolds</p> Rocky and Ross Lynch of The Driver Era

Hunter Reynolds

Rocky and Ross Lynch of The Driver Era

These brothers-turned-bandmates are bringing their live show to streaming platforms.

Ross and Rocky Lynch, known collectively as The Driver Era, released their first live album on Friday. Live at The Greek commemorates the band's sold-out performance in June at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, allowing fans to experience the show on the go.

“Around eight years ago, we played The Greek with our former band R5 and we made a whole movie out of it,” Ross tells PEOPLE, referring to his band with siblings Rocky, Rydel and Riker Lynch, as well as close family friend Ellington Ratliff. “We got to a point with R5 where people wanted different things, like our sister who has a beautiful family now. So Rocky and I decided we wanted to start a new project and came up with The Driver Era in 2018.”

The brothers spent their days in the studio, creating music that they were “really, really passionate about,” and reinventing themselves. “The Driver Era was like a reset, bringing us back to ground zero,” Ross, 27, explains. “We started playing little clubs again and slowly worked our way back up to The Greek.”

<p>Brayten Bowers</p> Ross and Rocky Lynch of The Driver Era

Brayten Bowers

Ross and Rocky Lynch of The Driver Era

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Starting over together as brothers has its perks. “You’re going to have a lot of fun,” Rocky, 29, tells PEOPLE. “Because we grew up together, we know a lot about each other…. We have each other’s backs.”

Ross adds, “You could pretty much say or do anything, and we're still family at the end of the day. So there's an inherent safe feeling that's involved that's really nice, especially in the creative atmosphere, because you can throw anything on the wall and just see what sticks. There's no inhibitions in the studio, which is nice, and if we fall into a sticky situation, I know he's going to be there for me and vice versa.”

The Driver Era’s new live album, the brothers say, is both a celebration of how far they’ve come since 2018 and the fans that stuck with them. “It’s a celebration for all of the years and time we’ve been making music, and really for the fans that have been with us for our whole careers,” the former Austin and Ally star says. “I swear, half of the people at The Greek this summer were at our show there eight years ago.”

<p>Hunter Reynolds</p> Ross and Rocky Lynch of The Driver Era

Hunter Reynolds

Ross and Rocky Lynch of The Driver Era

While the rest of their siblings are no longer on stage with them, their connection is still there. “Everyone's still very much involved,” Ross tells PEOPLE. “Riker still plays bass on tour with us. Rydel obviously doesn't because she has a whole family now. Our youngest brother, Ryland, is super involved, actually more involved than he's ever been. He pretty much co-manages the band.”

Despite their years in the spotlight, the two boys still find their stardom surreal. “It is funny when you’re in LA for a second, maybe you’re a little more low-key and not playing shows,” Rocky says. “Then all of a sudden, we play a show, I get off stage and I’m like ‘Wow, I’m a f---ing rockstar. It's the weirdest thing, and we've been doing it for so long.”

Ross adds, “Yeah, because you go back home and you’re hanging out at mom's house. She's cooking meals, you're doing the dishes, you just go back to regular life. Then all of a sudden, you're playing in front of a few thousand people. You're like, ‘Whoa’."

<p>Brayten Bowers</p> Rocky and Ross Lynch of The Driver Era

Brayten Bowers

Rocky and Ross Lynch of The Driver Era

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Bringing their live show to people’s phones is something the Lynch brothers have been eager to do. “We have been playing shows for so long it feels like, and there are a lot of fans that haven't come to those shows,” Rocky says. “Now you can experience this in your car, or wherever. I think it's as simple as that.”

“To be honest, we’ve always thrived as a live band and that’s always been our bread and butter,” Ross explains. “Growing up, there was this record from O.A.R., it's live at Madison Square Garden, and I listened to that record so many times. Even to go to sleep, I would listen to the record. That meant so much to me, so to have a version of that that we made is pretty special. It's pretty cool.”

Now that Live at The Greek — including well-loved The Driver Era songs such as “Preacher Man” and “Afterglow” — is available on all streaming platforms, the brothers are looking towards what’s next. Along with some “prominent” touring dates and festivals coming up in the next year, Rocky and Ross are looking forward to creating more music.

The Driver Era Live at The Greek
The Driver Era Live at The Greek

“I'm trying to hit a couple of home runs here, so yeah, probably,” Rocky tells PEOPLE when asked if there will be another album coming out. Ross adds, “We feel like we're making the best music we've ever made right now. There are some songs on our hard drive right now that we feel very, very strongly about. There’ll be an album at some point. What that'll look like, we're not really sure yet, but we are really excited about some new tunes that we're making.”

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