Hapless driver pulled over for only clearing two eyeholes on frozen windscreen

Joe Gamp
Contributor, Yahoo News UK
The car was pulled over by police early on Thursday morning, as the driver put their life at risk by trying to drive off while their car windscreen was still completely iced over (SWNS)

A hapless driver was pulled by police after driving a car with a frozen windscreen - with just two small eyeholes to see.

The car was stopped on Thursday morning by officers in Wooton Basset, Wiltshire, as the motorist was preparing to drive off.

The drive peering through two makeshift holes they had made through the frozen ice - potentially putting lives at risk through dangerous driving.

A spokesman for Wiltshire Police said: "It is a legal requirement to have a clear view of the road ahead. When driving in adverse weather conditions you must be able to see out of every glass panel on your vehicle.

The driver had only wiped out two small "portholes" at the top of the windscreen before attempting to drive the car (SWNS)

"Failure to do so is an offence for which you could receive a fixed penalty notice or be summonsed to Court - like this driver who was stopped by one of our roads policing colleagues.

"Please think before you drive - and help us keep everyone in our community safe."

It is unclear if the driver was arrested and charged.

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Rule 229 of The Highway Code contains rules relating to driving in cold conditions.

It states that drivers must be able to see and should clear all snow and ice from their windows before attempting to drive.

Lights must be clean and number plates should be clearly legible, as well ensuring all mirrors and windows are demisted clearly.

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