Driver roasted after abusing school kids at crossing: 'Complete tool'

A driver in Queensland has copped a barrage of abuse following an after school road rage incident involving women and children.

In a dashcam video uploaded to Facebook the man can be seen pulling out of a roundabout in Narangba, north of Brisbane, to travel down a suburban street just after 3pm on Tuesday.

On his left he passes a bright yellow ‘refuge island’ sign with a picture of two people crossing.

But several seconds later his fury breaks out, despite a young child being in the vehicle with him, as a group of people cross Forest Ridge Road in front of them.

Women and children crossing the road
The driver hurled abuse at the women and children as they crossed Forest Ridge Road in Narangba, Queensland on Tuesday afternoon. Source: Facebook (Facebook)

Slowing his vehicle down to avoid hitting the pedestrians, the driver can be heard slamming on his horn as he mutters to himself "it’s not a f***ing crossing".

Then as the three women and four young children scurry across the road, the man yells out his window.

"It’s not a pedestrian crossing," he shouts. "You don’t have right of way."

Social media scorn

The video posted on Wednesday has since been viewed 52,000 times and received more than 1,400 comments.

Many were furious at the driver for his act of “stupidity”.

“[The] driver is a complete tool,” one man wrote. “It took a whole five seconds of his life to slow down, instead he drives up to them and blows his horn like a knob.”

The vehicle leaves a roundabout (left) and the vehicle passes a pedestrian sign (right)
The man could be seen leaving a roundabout in Narangba before passing a bright yellow pedestrian sign on Forest Ridge Road. Source: Facebook (Facebook)

“He literally passes a sign telling him that children cross the area,” another pointed out.

“Common sense [has been] thrown out the window,” someone else said. ”They were already crossing the road with their children. Let it go, slow down and move on.”

While others called on him to "hand his licence back".

“You are a terrible driver,” one person wrote.

“There were at least two people already on the road when you came around the round-about,” another said. “You have to stop and give way, not blast your horn and abuse them.”

“Your entitlement on the road is staggering,” added someone else.

A children’s lesson

Amid the barrage of insults, some users defended the driver, arguing that the pedestrians weren’t in the right either.

“You are all worried about the driver teaching his kid the wrong thing,” one man said.

“But what of the adults that just showed their children it’s all good to walk out in front of cars and expect them to stop.”

“Getting them used to people stopping only encourages them to think that it is actually a crossing,” another added, “and they may force their way into the roadway with bad results.”

Always give way

According to state laws in Queensland, drivers must always "give way to pedestrians on or entering a road you’re turning into".

They must also "give way to pedestrians on or entering children’s, pedestrians or marked foot crossings".

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