Dua Lipa just posed totally naked in new bathtub photo

When it comes to getting naked on the 'gram, those celeb types are basically *experts* at the art of the nude selfie.

The latest to prove so once again: Dua Lipa, who's just gone and posed totally naked during a casual bathtub photoshoot. The snap comes as part of a pretty eclectic photo dump from Dua, featuring pics of the singer sat on a medical bed, showing off her crystals collection and looking out at a beaut city skyline - plus, of course, lots and lots of selfies.

Dua has been a fan of the odd naked selfie in recent months, seen posting all the holiday pics as well as, you know, that iconic bikini-and-yeti-boots combo.

And she's not the only one. The likes of Cardi B, Nicole Scherzinger, Ashley Graham and the Kardashians are pros on the topic of nude Insta posts, and we're very much here for it.

As for Dua's latest grid post, slide eight sees her posing totally naked in the bath while looking out over a gorgeous sunset. Honestly a dreamy way to spend an evening if you ask us.

While the photo warrants all the heart-eyes emojis, we still have so many questions: Who's taking the photo? Was the phone just propped up on the side? Why is she wearing headphones in the bath? Reckon she's playing a Headspace episode for extra relaxation, or rehearsing lyrics for her next show? We just hope they're waterproof.

Either way, we'll be taking inspo for our next pamper sesh.

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