Dua Lipa has 'personal and professional modes'

Dua Lipa has learned to keep "certain aspects" of her life private.
The chart-topping pop star admits that the outside world sees an "exaggerated version" of her real-life self.
Dua, 28, told Vogue France: "In the beginning, I wanted to believe that I had to be the same person at home and on stage. Now, I’ve learned to keep certain aspects of myself for my inner circle. There’s the Dua who is chill at home, then in the media, there’s this exaggerated version of myself who is also called Dua, and who gives it her all on stage."
Asked which version she prefers, Dua replied: "A mix of both! Because this doubleness allows me to maintain a normal life. When I have a professional meeting, I switch to 'Dua Lipa Music Career' mode, but right after I can also meet my friends in 'Private Dua' mode, and put all the rest to the side. These two sides help me stay grounded."
Dua was born and raised in London, but her family hail from the Balkans and the pop star previously claimed that it's still a "big part" of her identity.
The brunette beauty - who lived in Kosovo during her teens - told WSJ. Magazine: "It's such a big part of who I am. Given my parents and how they came to the UK, [the refugee situation] has always been something that's really close to my heart."
Dua also insisted that she won't allow anyone to deny her "identity".
The 'Levitating' hitmaker said: "I read a lot of comments from people telling me that I don't have a country, I don't have an identity, Kosovo doesn't exist.
"I lived in Kosovo, I know the lives that were lost [during the war]. So for somebody to deny me my identity and my experience, it's hard for me to stand back and not speak up about it. So that's something that I will always do."