Dua Lipa won't 'shy away' from being a voice for good

Dua Lipa doesn't want to "shy away" from being a voice for good.

The 'New Rules' hitmaker has used her platform to speak about a range of topics including women's rights and abortion laws, and has said that whilst it "does wind people up" sometimes, she won't stop using her voice as a force for change.

She said: "I spoke about like women in Saudi Arabia and the rights and the things that happen or like if I'm supporting different charities and talking about certain things, especially women protesting about women's rights ... It does wind people up. I think that the whole abortion rights as well, that definitely kicked up a fuss ... I'm never going to shy away from that and I feel like I have to be a voice for my audience as well because they gave me that platform for that reason."

Dua set up the Sunny Hill Foundation in 2016 alongside her family to help young children in her family's native Kosovo, and has said the charity's work is something she "believes" in.

She explained: "It's basically a foundation I started with my family to kind of help young kids in Kosovo in creative arts. And when I did my first show in Kosovo, I decided to put all the ticket proceedings into the foundation and then we kind of gave it to, because we realised that a lot more things were needed in Kosovo, especially after the war that weren't just in the creative arts field. So we decided to give the money out to lots of different NGOs and people that we believed in."

The 'Be The One' singer, 24, also set up the Sunny Hill Festival as part of the charity, which takes place in Kosovo and raises money for the foundation.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music's Beats 1 radio, she said: "And then my dad had a crazy, but amazing idea to start a music festival in Kosovo and we've done it for two years in a row ... It's called Sunny Hill Festival and 25 percent of all the ticket proceedings go to the foundation, which now what we've been able to do is create like an arts and innovation centre in the capital city of Prishtina, which is currently being renovated and opens in 2020 ... I felt proud when Miley Cyrus got up and performed in Kosovo, she's the first international female artist to come and perform in Kosovo and put on a crazy show ... And we had Calvin and GASHI and Martin Garrix and Action Bronson."