Dua Lipa Wore the Most Impractical Outfit at the BBQ

And yet, we'll be copying it this weekend.

While many of us are counting down the minutes to the upcoming long weekend, Dua Lipa, who has already been on vacation for what feels like the entire summer, is offering up a little BBQ-adjacent fashion that nobody saw coming. In a video posted by her sister, Rina, and later shared to her own Stories, the superstar singer showed off her skills at the grill while wearing a seemingly impractical outfit that actually could be the most perfect thing to wear while manning the tongs.

While she was prepping a huge batch of shrimp for her family (along with plenty of other food, all of which made an appearance on her Story posts), Lipa wore a skintight bike-shorts-style strapless romper. While her shoulders and arms were out to soak up the sun, she covered her hair with a logo-covered scarf, protecting her long hair from the flames and the delicious but annoyingly strong scents that come from the barbecue. She accessorized with stacks and stacks of necklaces, just because.

And while a super-tight romper may seem impractical, the fact that she's safe from errant flames (other Dua Lipa signatures, like fringe, could never) could be the one thing we all take away from this pre-holiday ensemble. Take note if you're planning on commemorating the end of the summer season with a statement sleeve or a bow blouse.



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Two days ago, Lipa posed in one of her trademark crochet bikinis while showing off her Barbie doll. The post celebrated the success of her single, "Dance the Night Away," from the Barbie movie. 

"Dance The Night is Number 1 in the UK!!!! 💖💖 birthday week going strong," she wrote alongside the post. That's certainly one way to celebrate a big day — and so is spending the day in Ibiza, which is how the singer spent her birthday (with festivities spanning a multi-day celebration). 

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