Dua Lipa Wore a Pink Keyhole Cutout Top With Matching Metallic Knee-High Boots in Her New 'Barbie' Music Video

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"Dance the Night" is our new summer anthem.



This Barbie is making a music video filled with fashion, fun, and lots of fuchsia.

On Friday, Dua Lipa dropped her new single for the Barbie movie soundtrack, "Dance the Night," along with a disco party-inspired music video to match. In the perfectly-pink visuals, Lipa makes a dazzling appearance dressed head-to-toe in her new Versace collaboration, wearing a sequined pink halter top with a keyhole cutout, gold-chained straps, and a neckline covered in necklaces that are adorned with Medusa pendants and butterfly charms. She paired the tiny top with an even tinier high-slit, shimmery blue miniskirt and pink metallic knee-high boots with pointed toes and skinny stiletto heels.

As for her glam, the pop star wore her dark brunette hair in a high, slicked-back ponytail, and swiped on glittering blue eyeshadow that matched her reflective manicure.

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Redeeming herself from that viral hip twist meme, Dua picks up new choreography immediately after arriving on set and dances on a giant pink Barbie shoe — all while a disco ball comes crashing down to the floor. “Even when the tears are flowing like diamonds on my face / I still keep the party going, not one hair out of place / Watch me, dance/ Dance the night away” she sings amidst the chaos.

Director Greta Gerwig makes a cameo in the video (to ask what happened to the aforementioned broken disco ball), and we also get to see glimpses of Margot Robbie, Issae Rae, and Emma Mackey dancing in the background.

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