Duane 'Dog' Chapman had broken heart

Duane 'Dog' Chapman believes he was hospitalised due to a broken heart.

The 66-year-old star was rushed to hospital last weekend after suffering chest pain and though he's feeling "much better" now, he thinks his problems were partly caused by the grief he feels over the death of his wife Beth, who lost her battle with cancer three months ago.

He said: "It feels much better now. And I'm going through some psychological things right now too, so that doesn't help. I think, basically, I had a broken heart. And of course, it's going to heal."

The 'Dog's Most Wanted' star was taken to hospital because he felt breathless but doctors still need to carry out further tests to figure out the problem.

He told Fox31 Denver: "I couldn't breathe. It was like I had ran a three- or four-mile run. There's something haywire or it's psychologically. I don't know. I guess things happen like that."

The bounty hunter recently admitted that he's lost 17lbs since Beth's death as he hasn't been able to eat properly from the stress he's been suffering and though his wife always liked his "little tummy", he feels healthier without it.

He said: "For three days I've been eating again. But Beth always said: 'I like your little tummy, big daddy.' No you don't! I dropped two sizes in pants.

"I'm a little faster now because weight slows you down. I think I'm actually a little healthier now. I want to maintain this weight, maybe a little bit more, but it's helped my health. I can feel it. Feelings are really strange. I don't want to eat something until I'm really hungry because I want to feel something."