'DWTS' Witney Carson suffers wardrobe malfunction on live TV

Emma Shepherd

Actor Frankie Muniz and dance instructor Witney Carson had a bit of an unfortunate slip up while performing on Dancing With The Stars on Monday night.

The theme of the dance was called 'Disney Night' dance, which saw the pair perform the Argentinian tango wearing Pirates of The Caribbean inspired costumes.

Witney told People that her heel got caught in her skirt. Source: Getty

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However the routine was jeopardised after Witney's heel got stuck in her black mullet skirt.

Luckily her partner Frankie Muniz knew the steps or she said she would have fallen over. Source: Getty

Speaking in an interview with People, the dance pro said, “I couldn’t believe it because it’s something like you can’t really help."

She continued, "My heel got stuck in my skirt and it would just not come out and so, [Frankie] literally was dragging me along. Thank goodness he knew the steps and could keep going.”

They finished with the second-highest score of the night. Source: ABC

Despite the disastrous wardrobe mishap the duo seemed to be a crowd favourite pulling in a massive 29 out of 30 points.

“I literally couldn’t step out of the skirt so I was spinning on one foot and luckily, he kept going or I would have gone down, for sure," she told the outlet.

Thankfully the celebrity dancer not the pro gets judged on their skills.

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