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Save £50 on this best-selling Dyson fan and stay cool all summer

(Dyson / Yahoo Life UK)
This is the cheapest price anywhere right now. (Dyson / Yahoo Life UK)

A good fan can determine whether or not you sleep well during summer. Too loud and you're up all night evaluating your life decisions. Fast-spinning blades and you're likely circulating lots of dust (not to mention breathing it in). Little choice in settings and you can't control the airflow. It's safe to say there's a lot of factors at play when it comes to choosing the perfect fan.

But we're convinced Dyson's Cool Tower Fan — currently discounted across a range of retailers, including directly from Dyson — is exactly what we've been searching for.

Retailing for £349.99, this state-of-the-art fan is now on sale for £299.99. saving you a generous £50. There's no questioning that this is a deal too good to miss, especially ahead of what's meant to be a hot summer.

Breeze through summer with this best-selling Dyson fan.

£299 at Dyson

For a better sense on why this is a great deal and worth snapping up while you can, keep reading...

A best-selling Dyson fan for under £300 (including postage) is an unbelievable deal, meaning the saving is enough of a reason to invest this summer. But numbers aside, this is arguably one of the sleekest and most innovative fan models on the market.

Designed with what's called a Helmholtz Cavity which isolates noise from the motor for an overall quieter cooling experience, it takes on a loop shape for further noise-cancelling capabilities that channel airflow more efficiently.

Stay cool and collected this summer. (Dyson)
Choose between 10 precise air flow settings. (Dyson)

£299.99 £349.99 at Dyson £299.96 £349.96 at QVC £299.99 £349.99 at John Lewis £300 £350 at Argos

As for the actual technology (and without getting too scientific) the fan uses Dyson's Air Multiplier Technology, which works by allowing air to be accelerated through the opening and drawing it in, before projecting a smooth, powerful, high velocity airflow. Clever, right?

Depending on the heat levels, you can choose between 10 precise air flow settings easily programmable using the remote control. Not just that, it comes with a sleep timer, too, so that you can schedule it to turn off after preset intervals throughout the night. Trust us when we say you'll never sleep better!

On sale as we speak, we have a certain feeling this deal won't last long...

The reviews for the fan speak for themselves, with hundreds upon hundreds of happy shoppers claiming it's the "best fan ever!"

  • "We have 1 of these in every room in the house. They are perfect for the few days in the year when we have a heatwave."

  • "I was lucky enough to buy this one week before the big heat wave of 2022. Even on the lowest setting, which is virtually silent, it creates a beautifully gentle movement of air in the room which replicates a natural breeze... Needless to say when my dogs come in from a walk the first thing they do is to go and sit in the middle of the room waiting for me to switch on the Dyson fan. Both myself and the dogs are absolutely over the moon and would 100% recommend this to anyone."

  • "Have had this fan for over a year and would highly recommend. The fan runs quiet at the lower settings which is perfect for when sleeping. It's compact and fits in smaller spaces and easy to clean without taking apart or removing cases/blades/etc. Would buy again."

  • "Really powerful air flow and best of all easy maintenance."

  • "Excellent product. Efficient, quiet. Not the cheapest but well worth the money. Would recommend."

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