Eerie last post before influencer shot dead inside her home

Neighbours called the police after hearing gunshots coming from the property.

A social media influencer who was shot and killed inside her home last week shared a series of eerie online posts hours before her death.

Yanca Lorrane Jesus Maia, better known online as Yanca Lorranne or Yanca Maia, was inside the property last Friday (local time) when police say three men entered in the early hours, with intentions to kill her.

Local police believe the trio were hitmen who targeted the 27-year-old at her home in Salvador, Brazil. Neighbours called the police after hearing gunshots coming from the property, but when they arrived, she was already dead.

Hours before her untimely passing, Yanca shared a series of mysterious posts on Instagram where she had 70,000 followers at the time of her death.

Influencer Yanca Lorrane Jesus Maia shot dead at home.
Yanca Lorrane Jesus Maia was shot and killed in her home in Brazil last week. Source: Jam Press

Mysterious Instagram post before death

One post said, "Please don't come to my door without first calling me or sending me a message." While another included a photo of her lying down with her eyes closed with the time reading, "23:57".

A third post read, "the evil of some people is to use my name far too much. What kind of desperation is this?"

Her account now only includes a video message from her heartbroken mother after all her other posts were taken down, it's been reported.

Police have not yet announced whether they have arrested any suspects. An investigation into her death is ongoing.

Influencer previously involved in robbery

In 2019, the 27-year-old was arrested for her alleged involvement in a robbery in Socorro, an island off Mexico. According to her defence lawyers, she was accused of transporting some of the stolen goods, including mobile phones, videogames and BRL 9,600 ($3067) in cash from a safe.

At the time, two men were also arrested for their part in the robbery while two others were killed by the police in a shootout. According to court records, Yanca was sentenced to six years in prison in 2020, however, the ruling is still awaiting final judgement.

Yanca was buried at the Quinta dos Lázaros Cemetery in the city the day after her death.

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