Elaine Paige 'can't stand' chomping theatre-goers

Elaine Paige "can't stand" annoying theatre-goers who eat throughout a performance.

The 70-year-old West End star has shared her disapproval of audiences eating in the stalls during a theatre performance, and dubbed it "the most annoying" experience.

Speaking to the Daily Mail newspaper's Sebastian Shakespeare column, she said: "I can't stand theatre-goers that chomp their way through a three-course meal - they'll be eating chips and everything else during a show.

"It's the most annoying thing a theatre-goer will have to experience. We never used to do that in my day."

Elaine's comments come after Imelda Staunton revealed she confronts noisy eaters in the cinema.

The 64-year-old actress will always warn fellow cinemagoers not to even think about opening their delicious packs of crunchy snacks when watching a movie.

She said: "A bloke came in with a big packet of Doritos and I just said to him, 'What are you doing? You can't eat those. You either eat them now, before the film, or afterwards.'"

Imelda has even gone far enough to criticise the venues who sell crunchy food and use plastic cups to add to unnecessary noise.

She once asked staff: "Why are you selling crisps? I just do not get it."

Original 'Cats' star Elaine also dished on her routine she sticks to whilst performing, which keeps her away from calorific treats like chocolate and cheese.

She added: "I don't like giving my anti-ageing secrets away as there is a long list of them. In general, I eat well, sleep well and surround myself with good friends. The older I get, the more I take extra care of my voice.

"I have learned the old-fashioned way, so I make sure I don't eat cheese, or chocolate, or drink alcohol when I'm preforming. It's a bit boring, but, it's my form of maintenance."