Key Election Dates

  • Dissolution of Parliament

    Dissolution of Parliament

    Related: 49th NZ Parliamentary term comes to official end

  • Writ Day

    Writ Day

    - Governor General issues formal direction to the Electoral Commission to hold the election.
    - Electoral Rolls close for printing.
    - Voters enrolled after this date cast special declaration votes.
    - Candidate and party television and radio advertising may start.

  • Bulk Nominations

    Bulk Nominations

    Last day for registered political parties to bulk nominate their electoral candidates to the Electoral Commission.

  • Nominations Day

    Nominations Day

    Last day for political parties to submit list candidates to the Electoral Commission.

    Last day for individual nominations to Returning Officers.

  • Early voting starts

    Early voting starts

    Advance voting starts for voters who are away from home or unable to get to a polling place on Election Day

    Overseas voting starts download voting papers from, vote by post or vote in person at overseas posts in many countries.

  • EasyVote Information Packs available

    EasyVote Information Packs available

    Information packs with EasyVote card sent to voters enrolled by 19 November.

  • Enrolments end

    Enrolments end

    - Deadline for election enrolment.

    - Advance voting ends.

    - All election and referendum advertising must end and signs must be taken down.

  • Election Day

    Election Day

    Polling places open between 9.00 am and 7.00 pm

    Election Night - Preliminary results 7.00 pm and 11.30 pm

  • Results declared

    Results declared

    Declaration of official results for General Election and referendum (target 2.00 pm)

  • Deadline for applications for Judicial Recount

    Deadline for applications for Judicial Recount

    The party secretary may apply to a District Court Judge for a recount of party votes in a particular electorate within three working days of the official result for the electorate being declared.

  • Return of Writ

    Return of Writ

    - Last day for Return of Writ by Electoral Commission showing successful electorate candidates.
    - Declaration of list members.

  • Last day for Parliament to meet

    Last day for Parliament to meet


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