Key Election Dates

  • March 10

    March 10

    Prime Minister announces dates for 2014 general election

  • June 20

    June 20

    Regulated period for election advertising expenses begins

  • June 23

    June 23

    Launch of enrolment campaign

  • August 14

    August 14

    Dissolution of Parliament

  • August 20

    August 20

    Writ Day
    Governor General issues formal direction to the Electoral Commission to hold the election.

  • August 21

    August 21

    Nominations open
    Advertising calling for individual nominations of electorate candidates

  • August 25

    August 25

    Bulk Nominations
    Deadline for registered political parties to bulk nominate their electorate candidates to the Electoral Commission.

  • August 26

    August 26

    Nominations close
    Deadline for political parties to submit list candidates to the Electoral Commission.
    Deadline for individual nominations of electorate candidates to Returning Officers.

  • September 3

    September 3

    Advance and Overseas Voting starts

  • September 19

    September 19

    Advance Voting ends
    Last day to enrol for the election.

  • September 20

    September 20

    Election Day
    Polling places open from 9.00am to 7.00pm
    Election Night
    Preliminary results released progressively from 7.00pm on

  • October 4

    October 4

    Official results for general election declared
    (including special declaration votes)

Countdown to the NZ Election

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