Electric car driver's embarrassing mistake as BYD ends up bogged on popular beach

The BYD vehicle was stuck on a Perth beach for hours, with bemused passers-by looking on.

Five men stand next to the BYD on City beach.
A group of men stood sheepishly next to the bogged car on Sunday morning. Source: Instagram/ fi.diddy

An electric vehicle driver made an embarrassing mistake overnight, becoming bogged on one of Perth's most popular beaches.

The BYD Seal EV became stuck on the sand at City Beach, with onlookers bemused by what had unfolded. Facebook page The Bell Tower Times shared a nighttime photo of two vehicles on the sand and it is understood the two EVs had driven onto the beach to watch the sunset, but one was unable to get off the sand.

A Surf Live Saving vehicle tried to free the remaining BYD on Sunday morning but was unable to do so.

One image posted by a passerby shows a group of men standing sheepishly next to the BYD during attempts to get it off the sand. Many online noted the extra weight an EV carries, making the rescue mission even more difficult.

A BYD being pulled out by a 4WD on Perth's City beach.

A 4WD owner later came to the rescue, managing to free the BYD and tow it to safety with the help of lifeguards and a council ranger.

John Phillips was at the beach having a morning swim and observed the difficulties unfold. He told Yahoo News Australia the unfortunate situation was "quite strange".

"I got out the water and had a shower and it was still there. I was about to get a coffee and the tow truck driver rolled up so I thought I'd wait and see what happened. It became apparent they didn't have the right equipment.. so I offered to help with my vehicle," he explained.

John said the men who he helped thanked him and offered him a coffee.

Police were not called to attend, WA Police told Yahoo.

Peter Fullarton, of 4WD Recovery and Charters, recently said "inexperienced" drivers were increasingly finding themselves stuck on WA's beaches, mostly drivers who overestimated their vehicle's capability.

BYD electric vehicles are surging in popularity in Australia, and recently overtook Tesla in global sales. The Chinese car manufacturer has big ambitions in Australia, vowing to become the biggest car seller by 2030, thanks to a lack of tariffs it faces in other markets like the US and Europe.

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