Eli Manning says giving Peyton a wedgie was the 'proudest moment of my entire life'

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Former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning should be proud of his many accomplishments. He was a No. 1 overall draft pick in the NFL, had a 16-year career in the league and brought home two Super Bowl titles. Whether you agree with it or not, Manning will likely be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame one day.

Away from the field, Manning married his college sweetheart in 2008 and has four children.

You would think one of those things — or at least a combination — would qualify as the "proudest moment" of Manning's life, but you would be wrong. Turns out, getting the best of your older sibling triumphs above all.

Manning explained Thursday that the "proudest moment" of his entire life involved giving brother Peyton Manning an atomic wedgie. On the off chance you don't know what that means, good for you. Thankfully, Eli explained.

The moment came to pass after Peyton tried to tackle Eli on a golf trip 25 years ago. Eli said Peyton got stuck between a bed and a wall, leaving him in a compromised position. Eli decided to pull Peyton's underwear over his head, completing the atomic wedgie. That moment, and not Eli's two Super Bowl victories, was the "proudest moment" of Eli's life.

Eli told the story while making a television appearance during the PGA Championship.

Eli Manning and Peyton Manning faced off three times in NFL

Eli may have come out ahead in this story, but Peyton can hold plenty of things over his younger brother. Peyton is already in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He sits third all-time in passing yardage and passing touchdowns. Eli ranks 8th and 10th in those categories, respectively.

The biggest area where Peyton can brag is his head-to-head record against his brother. Peyton and Eli faced off three times in their NFL careers, with Peyton coming out a perfect 3-0 against Eli. That's the most brag-worthy accomplishment of all.

Then again, Peyton defeated plenty of opposing quarterbacks over his career. How many opposing quarterbacks managed to give Peyton an atomic wedgie? As far as we know, that's an accomplishment only Eli can claim.

Eli Manning and Peyton Manning.
Eli Manning (right) and Peyton Manning (left) faced off three times in the NFL. (Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Cantor Fitzgerald)
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