Elijah Wood's ‘Stranger Things' Halloween Costume Gets An 11

Elijah Woodhad the one costume to rule them all lastHalloween.

On Thursday’s “Conan,” the actor revealed how he dressed up as Eleven from “Stranger Things” last Oct. 31. Wood even shared what’s believed to be a previously unseen photograph of himself as the young girl with psychokinetic powers to prove it.

“I loved it,” Wood said about wearing the iconic pink dress made famous byMillie Bobby Brown’scharacter.

Netflix released the second season of its wildly popular science-fiction show online Friday, which will presumably spark an avalanche of Upside-Down-inspired costumes for this year’s spookiest celebration.

Wood was clearly ahead of the curve. So it just leaves one question; what will he go as this year? Here aresome suggestions.

Check out the full segment above.

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