Ella Eyre: I'll never break-up with my boyfriend

Ella Eyre will "never" break-up with her boyfriend.

The 25-year-old singer has been dating a mystery man for the last three years and has insisted they're going to spend the rest of their lives together, meaning Ella won't have to turn to the "depressing" world of dating apps.

She said: "Being on a dating app is probably never going to happen for me and meeting someone random is probably never going to happen to me because I'm so in love and I'm never breaking up with my boyfriend now."

Ella admits going on a blind date could be "quite fun" - but she's also heard some scare stories about dating apps.

The pop star told The Independent's 'Millennial Love' podcast: "The idea of meeting somebody and going on a blind date could be quite fun but I've heard it's quite depressing. I've never had to do that."

Ella thinks her attitude towards love and relationships has evolved over time.

The 'Came Here for Love' hitmaker confessed she now regrets spending her teenage years "chasing boys around", instead of just making the most of her opportunities.

She shared: "I've learned that that's not necessarily what I should have been focusing on at such a young age, particularly at school because school is actually quite fun. And there are a lot more things we could have been doing than chasing boys around.

"All the after-school activities would be chosen depending on which boys were doing it. I know my French class revolved around one of the guys that I liked a lot. I don't remember a single French word from that class. But I remember all of the fun things I used to do in that class."

The full interview appears in this week's episode of 'Millennial Love' on Friday (13.03.20).