Ella Eyre thinks she's been too tolerant in relationships

Ella Eyre thinks she's been too tolerant with men in her past relationships.

The 25-year-old singer believes she's been too forgiving towards her ex-boyfriends - but Ella has insisted she's learned her lessons and won't be so forgiving moving forwards.

She shared: "The threshold of bull***t has always been way more than I would put up with now.

"One of my exes was texting people constantly in a way that wasn't fair or appropriate and I kept forgiving that because of what they would say to change my mind.

"Not even excuses, like, they'd be upfront and be like, 'Yeah you're right - I shouldn't be doing this' and 'I'm sorry' and because I was so willing to forgive and wanted everything to go back to normal - which I think a lot of people can be guilty of - it's taken a few relationships of that level of crap to realise that."

Ella attributes her forgiving attitude to her lack of maturity at the time.

The singer - who has been dating a mystery man for the last three years - also claimed that some of the anger and emotion in her music stems from her previous relationships.

She told The Independent's 'Millennial Love' podcast: "I was so young, I've wasted months, possibly years, allowing that to be normal and allowed within a relationship.

"Really, I should have just binned it off. And I think that's why a lot of my songs are quite angry and savage, because they come from a place of, like, I finally binned it off. I finally said I'm not doing this anymore."

Ella also feels her attitude towards love was initially influenced by the separation of her parents.

She said: "I think because I didn't necessarily come from parents that were together, I became obsessed with wanting to find something that I didn't come from.

"Like the ideal ... finding the guy you're going to have kids with and then spending the rest of your life with."

The full interview appears in this week's episode of 'Millennial Love' on Friday, March 13.