Ellie Goulding 'wasn't remotely attracted' to her husband at first

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Ellie Goulding wasn't "remotely" attracted to her husband when they first met.
The 33-year-old pop star - who married art dealer Caspar Jopling last year - has admitted it wasn't a case of love at first sight for either of them when they first crossed paths.
The 'Love Me Like You Do' hitmaker confessed: "It wasn't like a love at first sight thing at all, we didn't fancy each other remotely.
"I was sat next to Caspar at dinner and he was from this big farming family.
"I talked about how I was vegan and he talked about how much he loved meat. So yeah, we literally had nothing in common, but he wooed me."
The loved-up duo tied the knot at York Minster last August and their romantic wedding was attended by a host of famous faces, including Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, as well as Princesses Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.
But one of the highlights of Ellie's big day was a surprise organised by Caspar.
She told Jessie Ware's 'Table Manners' podcast: "Caspar sang a song he'd recorded with Bjork, my all time hero.
"It was the weirdest emotion I've ever felt listening to music - the enormity of it all and how beautifully he sang."
Meanwhile, Ellie recently confessed to being a "jealous, chaotic, frenzied person" 10 years ago.
The singer began her career in 2009, shortly after graduating from the University of Kent, but the quick turnaround meant she didn't have the chance to "settle into a routine".
She said: "I wrote a song about jealousy the other night because I was a jealous, chaotic, frenzied person in my 20s.
"I didn't know who I was. I went straight from university to being on tour, so I had no chance to settle into a routine and understand my habits and my personality."