Ellie Goulding feels liberated by marriage

Ellie Goulding has found a new sense of independence since getting married.

The 'Love Me Like You Do' singer tied the knot with Caspar Jopling in August 2019 and feels that the union has liberated her.

In an interview with #Legend magazine, Ellie said: "I'm married now, so you would think that would be the cue for me to be dependent on the other person, but actually I couldn't feel more independent than I do right now.

"It's a strange paradox, because marriage seems as though it should give you some kind of closure for something. But I feel the opposite - it feels like a kind of freedom."

The 33-year-old pop star also opened up on being "confused" during her twenties and described herself as something akin to a "total mess".

She explained: "Oh wow ... you know, back then I was extremely curious. What's the word for total mess? I guess I was such a curious person, but I was very confused."

This year marks a decade since Ellie emerged onto the music scene with her debut album 'Lights' but despite the popularity of her old material she finds some of those songs "cringey".

She said: "I've definitely grown with my music and I do have to admit that when I listen to my older songs, I cringe a bit. I find them quite cringey.

"I appreciate what I was trying to say, but I just feel like I've learned so much more about how to deal with my own emotions and tough situations that I perhaps would have written them in a different way now."

She added: "My music has really been a direct reflection of me growing as a woman. It started from being a confused teenager, writing songs about how I saw heartbreak and how I viewed humans' behaviours towards one another - especially with break-ups and falling in love."