Ellie Goulding performs better when she's nervous

Ellie Goulding performs better when she's nervous.

The 'Burn' hitmaker may have a lot of experience performing but she admits she finds her shows go better when she's got a bit of stage fright.

Mentoring one of the contestants on 'The Voice UK', as aired on Saturday night (14.03.20), she said: "Every time I've gone out on stage without nerves, I haven't done a good performance. So embrace the nerves."

Meanwhile, Ellie previously confessed that her pop career can feel "frivolous" compared to her climate change activism but her influence is tied to the success of her music.

She shared: "One of my motivations to have a bigger platform as a singer is so that I have more people to reach. Climate change has got to a critical point where we all need to be very active; we need to compensate for what's going on in certain political situations. I know that 'celebrities shouldn't get involved in politics', but it's something we have to act on now. I can't help but feel a bit frustrated that I'm the only one speaking out about something so important - no one else in my peer group is."

And Ellie feels "really guilty" when she doesn't champion social issues in her music.

She said: "I am acutely aware of the power of songs to communicate messages. And it is important to remember when we communicate our message about the Earth that it is just as important to connect with people on a human level as it is to communicate the facts ...

"They give us an emotional workout. This type of connection is the point, the power of music. When I am not doing something which directly addresses the climate emergency or homelessness I feel really guilty."