Ellie Goulding's voice is 'stronger' since becoming a mother

Ellie Goulding says her voice has gotten "stronger" since becoming a mother.
The 'Easy Lover' hitmaker welcomed her first child, 15-month-old Arthur, with husband Caspar Jopling into the world last April, and she admits she felt like her whole brain changed after she gave birth, while her vocals are "better than ever".
Speaking on 'Smallzy's Surgery', she said of motherhood: "It is by far the most challenging thing that I've done.
It's amazing that you are growing this human and when they smile at you, you are just like, it's all worth it; when they smile at you and when they do silly things.
"They don't tell you about all the crazy things that happen to your body, to your mind, you literally become a different person.
It's like you replace your brain with a different brain."
She added: "But my singing is better. I have had a vocal coach for the past couple of years and she is like, 'Your voice sounds better than ever.'
So I don't know if it has made some kind of difference to my vocal cords, I don't know, but my voice is a lot stronger than it was - so that is one pro."
Earlier this year, the 35-year-old pop star revealed she was battling crippling anxiety during 2021.
The 'Love Me like You Do' hitmaker - who returned to work shortly after giving birth - wrote on Instagram: "Happy New Year everyone... This past year has been the very best of my life. I became a mother, the greatest joy I've know. I've had time to sit down with great musicians and writers and made exciting new music that I hope will give people who hear it the same euphoric escape that I experienced when writing it.
"I have released my first book, performed to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the President and Joni Mitchell (and I can't explain how grateful I am for that privilege). I have a dog and a cat that love me, I have my friends that really love me, and I have a husband that adores and supports me every single day.
"But this year has also been the hardest of my life. I've struggled daily, nightly, hourly with a kind of panic I didn't even know existed.
"While the moments of being on stage in front of all of you have been some of the most exhilarating and calming, this year I have been struggling. (sic)"