Elon Musk's former girlfriend backs him to reach Mars

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Elon Musk's ex-girlfriend thinks he will make it to Mars.
Jennifer Gwynne dated the world's richest man when they were college students at the University of Pennsylvania from 1994 to 1995 and is convinced that Musk's "definitive" nature will make his SpaceX project a success.
Jennifer told The Times newspaper: "He has this amazing intensity, a different way of thinking. There's just something very definitive about him. If he makes up his mind then it's going to happen.
"So if he's talking about going to Mars, I believe he's got a chance."
Jennifer has made $165,000 from selling photos of Musk at auction and revealed that others do not believe her when she discussed her romance with the Tesla billionaire.
She explained: "If he came up I'd sometimes say, 'I used to date him', but the bigger he got the more foolish that seemed – people didn't believe me. I wouldn't believe me either. It was definitely a weird one."
Jennifer claims that her relationship with Musk – who has since had relationships with actress Talulah Riley and musician Grimes - wouldn't have lasted as the businessman wanted "more of a supporter than a partner".
She said: "We wouldn't have lasted long. Elon was and is looking for someone to be more of a supporter than a partner.
"Those kind of men used to be my type, but I've learnt now. I'm not picking on Elon – when you're trying to change this world and colonise another one, you probably have to be very alpha in all aspects. But I want someone who can open up and share and show weakness. Elon might have a hard time doing that."
Gwynne is also "proudly childless" and did not want to satisfy father-of-ten Musk's desire for a large family.
She said: "Had I married Elon I would have had children, and I don't know if that's the path I should have taken."