Emilia Clarke: The pub soothes the soul

Emilia Clarke thinks going to the pub is "good for the soul".

The 'Game of Thrones' actress always "feels good" after she's enjoyed a night out with her friends and thinks it's even more beneficial than eating well and getting a full night's sleep.

In an interview with Marie Claire magazine, she said: "Going to the pub with your mates is as good for the soul as staying in and watching TV. You could have eaten your greens and gone to bed early with a cup of tea, but a trip to the pub with the girls will make you feel better every time. You wake up and feel good because you've giggled so much."

Emilia also tries hard to be "nice" to herself and tries not to talk "a lot of c**p" or project her insecurity onto anyone else.

She said: "Every time someone says wellness, I think of brain wellness. It's important to keep it in check. Once in a while, assess your dialogue. Have you said a lot of c**p about yourself recently? When you start to do that, you begin to catch yourself out and realise that you should try and be a bit nicer. I find so often that there have been moments where I'm like, 'Oh they don't like me,' Or, 'I'm not good enough for that'. If you just try to shake that off and be open, you realise you're projecting your insecurities onto them. When you spend your life putting your angst out there, you're only going to get that back. If we all took care of ourselves, I think we'd be kinder to each other."

The 32-year-old actress loves "comfort" food, but goes through phases of what she tucks into to feel good.

She said: "I go through food phases. My comfort meals change biannually. For a while, it was just bread with peanut butter and jam - very American but so good. Then, it was pasta. It doesn't matter what's on it, a big bowl of pasta is always comforting. I also went through a fish and chip phase. But the thing that brings me the most comfort is honey. I have it in my coffee, my tea, my yoghurt ... I'm not fussy about it either, it can be any variety."