Emily in Paris provides escapism, says Lily Collins

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Lily Collins thinks 'Emily in Paris' provided an "escapism" amid the coronavirus crisis.
The 32-year-old actress plays Emily Cooper in the Netflix series, and she thinks season one of the show provided some much-needed relief during the pandemic.
Lily said: "Season one allowed us an escapism when it came out that it felt it was something that needed to continue - not addressing it because it brings a sense of escapism and joy and laughter in a time that we need it the most."
The pandemic doesn't exist in season two of the show, either.
But Lily admits it's been a big challenge to shoot the series amid the pandemic.
She told Variety: "Shooting a show in a city that is highly populated where people are wearing masks, yet we’re shooting in a world that doesn’t exist with COVID - so it’s making sure that when we’re rolling the masks are off and when we stop rolling they come back on.
"There were a couple of times when they started shooting and I was like, 'Wait, half the people in the scene are still wearing masks.'"
Earlier this month, meanwhile, Lily revealed there's a "heightened sense of fashion" in the second season of 'Emily in Paris'.
The actress has relished working with costume designers Patricia Field and Marilyn Fitoussi.
She shared: "The two of them together are such geniuses and they have such different and also very similar voices in fashion.
"The mixture of the two creates this dialogue that is so fascinating. They're so collaborative. We mix new and unknown designers with vintage couture."
Lily thinks each character on the show "has their own look and aesthetic".
And the actress admires the efforts of the costume designers.
She said: "The collaboration between them and each actor is so amazing. This season, we could go into the wardrobe and go, 'Oh, that's for Samuel [Arnold]. Well, that's for Camille [Razat], that's for Ashley [Park], that's for me'. We all have such individual styles.
"It's really hard to create a show where every single character has their own look and aesthetic, and to have it be such a heightened sense of fashion for season two, I was like 'Oh my God, how do you guys do this?'"

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