Emily Ratajkowski called out for 'careless' bikini photos with son

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Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski has sparked an online storm after sharing a photo of herself in a bikini, holding her three month old son.

The 30-year-old captioned the image she shared for her more than 27.6 million followers with, "Birthday eve with the dream vacation partner," but has been called "careless" over the snap.

Emily Ratajkowski is being criticized after sharing new photos with her son
Emily Ratajkowski has been called out for 'careless' bikini photos wth son. Photo: Instagram/EmilyRatajkowski

While the model looked stunning in a matching blue and orange swimsuit with her son, Sylvester, many of her fans were far more distracted by her baby-cradling technique.

After the criticism flooded in for her photos, Em opted to disable the comments on the post. However, the discussion soon moved to Twitter, where the mum-shaming continued.

"Not to mom police but the way Emily Ratajkowski is holding her baby in that one picture is anxiety-inducing," one person wrote.


"She’s holding that poor baby like he is her handbag," another tweeted, while a third added, "The truth is that she's more concerned about showing her body than how the baby is."

"Why does @emrata hold living things, including a baby, like she’s holding extra shopping items under her arm?," was another comment.

Emily Ratajkowski slammed on twitter
Her photos sparked heated debate on social media. Photo: Twitter
Emily Ratajkowski and baby bikini photo
Emily Ratajkowski and her son were wearing matching swimsuits. Photo: Instagram/EmilyRatajkowski

The photo also drew the attention of controversial media personality Piers Morgan, who wasn't shy about giving his two cents to the situation.

"That’s not how you hold a baby @emrata and your millions of followers shouldn’t be encouraged to do the same," Morgan wrote. "Happy to give you some tips if you need them."

Fans defend Em Rata bikini photo

Despite the criticism, plenty of people have been rallying around Em Rata online, defending the new mum against online trolls.

"Wow the comments on here are shocking! [I'm] Shaming trolls, him up there being one of them!" one person wrote directed at Piers Morgan.

"No one knows f**k all about this girl personally who cares how she looks and how she holding the baby! She's a human being leave her alone and mom life isn't perfect either! You should be ashamed tut!" another fan defended.

"Emily Ratajkowski holds her baby a bit awkward in one photo and suddenly all her followers are paediatricians," another fired back.

While a fourth hit back at Piers with: "Finds the one photo of how she holds her baby and makes comments about her parenting.. -instead of seeing the many of her breastfeeding and offering up congratulations for giving baby a healthy start.. When you can set a good example..then you can judge others Mr Morgan."

model Emily Ratajkowski attends the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party
PLenty of Em's followers defended the star. Photo: Getty

Em Ratajkowski welcomed her first child with husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, on March 8. The model and actress has since shared plenty of posts on social media, keeping her fans updated on her journey and what it has been like adjusting to motherhood.

In late March, she shared a censored photo of herself breastfeeding, with the caption, "Beautiful boy." Unfortunately, her post was met with criticism from her followers who didn't think it was necessary for her to share such an intimate moment on social media.

She responded to the negative responses in April by sharing a series of breastfeeding photos, captioned," If it seems like I'm always breastfeeding it's because I am."

Emily Ratajkowski's post-birth snap called out

Another of Em's post-baby posts also sparked some debate, after it was called out by Aussie actress Claire Holt.

Em took to her Instagram 10 days after giving birth to upload snaps showing her modelling pyjamas from her Inamorata Woman collection, with her flat stomach on show.

A snap which Claire said "makes people feel s****y about themselves”.

Emily Ratajkowski post birth photo
Em's post-birth snap also sparked some heated debate online. Photo: Instagram/EmilyRatajkowski

“I try not to be the Grinch on here, but I really wanna say something cos it’s annoying me. If you post a picture of your completely flat stomach 10 days after having a baby and call that body positivity, to me that’s the same as posting a picture of the millions of dollars in your bank account and calling that success positivity,” The Vampire Diaries and The Originals star wrote.

“It might be true, but it makes other people feel shitty about themselves, and it’s not normal, and you’re an outlier, and you’re lucky. So maybe don’t show that part? Can we just use Instagram to try and make people feel included and not feel shit about themselves?”

Additional reporting by Ellie Spina.

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