Emily Ratajkowski shows off ring

Emily Ratajkowski has shown off her engagement ring for the first time.

The 'We Are You Friends' star looked radiant as she showed off the sparkler, four months after she tied the knot with Sebastian Bear-McClard in a surprise ceremony.

Emily posted the selfie to her Instagram account as well as another close up of the sparkling ring, captioning it with a star emoji.

The brunette beauty didn't want to wear a white wedding dress for her big day because she doesn't consider herself to be a "pure woman".

She shared: "I never loved the idea of wearing white for a wedding because I'm not a pure woman. I'm a woman with a lot of character and experience and life. I also just loved the idea of a suit, especially at City Hall because it's like you're taking care of business. I really wanted to wear red actually, initially ... and then I just loved mustard yellow and just knew it was the one. It all felt very 'heist movie', because all of my girlfriends were in suits, too, and I wasn't wearing white, so I kept passing the bouquet of flowers to them, like, 'Decoy, decoy!'"

When her publicist rang to tell her that the news of her nuptials was about to break, she decided to take it into her own hands and post a picture of herself and her new husband to her Instagram account before telling her parents about their wedding.

She shared: "At the time I was like, 'But I was wearing a hat?!' My publicist was like, 'First of all, it's public record.' I did not expect everyone to find out, which I realise now is obviously very stupid. I'm living in an alternative universe. I had to FaceTime to my parents [and by then] I had several glasses of champagne. I was like, 'Here we go!'"