Emma Bunton can't believe she's with Jade Jones

Emma Bunton "still pinches herself" that she is dating Jade Jones.
The Spice Girls star can't believe she is with the singer, who she has been in a relationship with since 2004 and has Beau, 11, and Tate, seven, with.
Speaking about her long term partner, she said: "Oh, he's the dream. I still pinch myself. He's just helpful and supportive, and we laugh together, and he's been a really good friend as well. I do feel very lucky. And he's lucky too, mind! We've got a great relationship."
Emma can't wait to get married to Jade but she wants to do it "privately" as possible and she hasn't ruled out having more kids in the future too.
She added: "We'd love to and I've said it before, but we're terrible at organising things. We'd want to do it really privately. We'd like to do it for our children and families, but it has to be as private as possible. But then again, we both understand that we're in this industry, so of course these things happen. I just feel very settled and know where I'm heading ... Apart from, in all honesty, Jade wants more babies ... My mum says, 'Oh, go on!' as well. And Beau is like, 'Please, can we have another baby?' Jade talks about it constantly. I'd love it, too. The baby chapter is never closed with me so we'll see."
Emma is grateful to have her family with her on her journey.
She told The Sun's Fabulous magazine: "I was at Sylvia Young Theatre School from a young age. So I grew up in that industry. But my family has been such a big deal to me and they are my priority. Obviously I think, 'Wow, this is all fab,' but it kind of comes and goes. This is not something I rely on. I rely on my family and friends.
"My job is what I do and I think it's lovely and special, but my family and friends - that's reality. That's what I go home to. Especially with the Spice Girls - if you take too much from that then you get a very big head. And when it's not there then you become very down. So I just feel that it's important to balance everything out."