Emma Watkins shares her honest thoughts on The Wiggles documentary

EXCLUSIVE: The former Yellow Wiggle reveals what it was like being a part of the film.

Two years after hanging up her yellow skivvy and saying goodbye to The Wiggles, Emma Watkins has shared her thoughts on the group’s recent documentary, Hot Potato: The Story of The Wiggles.

The beloved performer, who has since launched her own children’s character Emma Memma, tells Yahoo Lifestyle she has yet to watch the film but loved being a part of the project.

Emma Watkins in Hot Potato: The Story of The Wiggles / Emma performing as the Yellow Wiggle.
Former Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins has shared her thoughts on Hot Potato: The Story of The Wiggles. Photos: Prime Video

“I haven't seen it! We've been so busy, we just went over to New Zealand to promote our tour and everyone there was asking me about it,” she says. “I haven't had like one minute but when I do I will.

“I’ve seen snippets and stuff, but I think overall it's so nice to have all that footage over 30 years collected in one piece that people can actually join in that legacy and remember their childhood.

“When I was at The Wiggles there was so much footage that we were trying to collate, and now having it in one spot means it's so much easier for people to enjoy that experience. And hats off to the people that put all that together because that is a huge undertaking.”


The Amazing Race Australia star went on to say that it was an immediate ‘yes’ when she was asked by director Sally Aitken to be a part of the documentary and film some scenes.

“It really is about connecting with families, and even now at Emma Memma you will have the older siblings asking about Emma Wiggle and I think that's lovely because it's the journey that keeps continuing,” she adds.

The 'crazy' scene that wasn’t included in the documentary

Hot Potato: The Story of The Wiggles has received universal praise since it was released on Prime Video last month.

While the documentary features three decades worth of archival footage and interviews with all of the current and former members, the original Wiggles Anthony Field, Greg Page, Jeff Fatt and Murray Cook told Yahoo Lifestyle there’s one story they wish had appeared in the movie.

“I remember one crazy thing, where we went to NASA in Houston, and firstly, we were met by these four Texas rangers with big Stetson hats with shotguns, and they got into a car in front of us,” Anthony shared.

“And I said to them, ‘We don't need the protection,’ and he said, ‘The protection is not for you sir’. I thought they were worried about The Wiggles!”


He went on to say that the group went to the control room and Greg sang ‘Hot Potato’ to Mike Fincke, an Australian astronaut who was in space.

“This would have been a great moment to have there, but we had no editorial control. But I would love to have seen it because it's just so crazy!” he continued.

“Pretty amazing to be able to sing to somebody who's on the space station,” Greg added. “Really cool, that's the thing, we've had so many of those cool moments over the years. So I think they captured a lot of those throughout the whole hour and a bit of the documentary. So they've done an incredible job.”

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