Emmerdale reveals ANOTHER mystery over Emma's death

Sophie Dainty
Photo credit: ITV

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Emmerdale revealed another unanswered question about Emma Barton's death last night (October 11) – and it's left fans very confused.

Emma fell to her death last week after planning to take her own life – bringing her dark storyline to a dramatic end.

Emma had spent a whole year lying and deceiving everyone around her after causing the death of her husband James, but her guilt became too much to bear when she discovered that she'd also killed her son Finn by accidentally shooting him out in the woods.

Photo credit: ITV

As the Bartons continued to reel from the loss of two family members, the police arrived at the end of last night's episode and revealed they were suspicious over Emma's death because there was no suicide note.

However, if we cast our minds back to last week, Emma did pen a confession letter in the lead up to her death – where she admitted all of her wrongdoings.

Emma then left the note with Moira Dingle's newborn baby son in the church, prior to him being found by Harriet Finch – but with the letter seemingly nowhere to be seen afterwards.

The letter's vanishing act has sparked confusion amongst fans online – who have a host of theories about what could have happened. Where is it? Did someone take it? Is it going to turn up?

One thing is for sure, everyone is very intrigued...