The ending of Love At First Sight explained

love at first sight ending explained
Love At First Sight ending explainedNetflix

If you're after a new, romantic comedy to watch on Netflix this weekend, then Love At First Sight has to be on your list.

The film, starring Haley Lu Richardson, Ben Hardy and Jameela Jamil, follows two strangers who fall in love on a flight from New York to London.

But, when they are separated from each other after landing, will fate bring them together again? Here is the ending of Love At First Sight explained.

Love At First Sight ending explained

After Oliver and Hadley get separated at Heathrow, she heads to her father's wedding where she overhears a conversation between guests about a memorial happening in Peckham, where Oliver previously said he would be. So, she leaves before the reception and heads straight there to try and find him.

love at first sight ending explained

Meanwhile, Oliver is at the memorial which is, in fact, a party for his mum, who has cancer and wants to say goodbye to her loved ones before she passes away. When Hadley arrives, she and Oliver end up arguing about him not being honest with her or himself, so she leaves. But, she accidentally forgets her bag behind.

Lost in London and with a dead battery, Hadley calls her dad on a stranger's phone and he comes to pick her up, where she tells him about Oliver. They discuss her dad's divorce from her mother and make amends.

At the memorial, Oliver's mum, dad and brother persuade him to go after Hadley after finding an invite to her dad's wedding reception in her bag she left behind. So, they drive there together, Oliver finds Hadley and they kiss. So romantic!

love at first sight ending explained

Then, as Jameela Jamil's voice over narrates, Hadley and Oliver will stay together, get married, grow old, have a daughter and more. Yeah, that's pretty much the best ending we could have asked for.

Love At First Sight is streaming on Netflix now.

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