England fans face Euro 2024 final price hikes - where to watch the match against Spain

England fans hoping to see the Euro 2024 final in Berlin against Spain are facing steep price hikes, with some flights costing three times what they normally would.

Hotels and flights take-off

The cost of a hotel for Sunday night is showing as double the usual price and a one-way flight on Sunday morning costs three times more than standard, research by Sky News shows.

The price of a one-way flight to Berlin from London would usually be around £75, according to Google Flights.

However, if you can find one, a one-way flight on Sunday is now showing at around £243 - a 320% increase.

Meanwhile, for accommodation, the typical price of a three-star hotel in Berlin would be around £88.

However, fans hoping to stay in Berlin overnight on Sunday are now being faced with a price of around £166 - almost double the standard price.

Fans will also now find it hard to travel from England to Berlin at any point over the weekend.

EasyJet's 12 flights to Berlin from Birmingham, Bristol, Luton and Gatwick between Friday and the match are fully booked.

There are also no flights on British Airways on Saturday from London to Berlin.

Cost to drive

Fans hoping to avoid the price increases to flights, and instead drive, will also be faced with high costs.

The cost of fuel alone to drive from Birmingham to Berlin is around £175, according to the 'Via Michelin' cost calculator - with the journey taking roughly fourteen hours.

The cost for a standard one-way ticket for the Eurotunnel from Folkestone to Calais - a vital aspect of the journey - seems to have remained stable.

If you were to book a ticket for Sunday, between 7am and 10am, the price is around £178. Either side of those times, the standard price decreases slightly to £140.

This means the rough total cost to drive one-way to Berlin is £325. And of course, fans will need to get home.

Reserved parking online in Berlin city centre is around £40.

Train tickets

The standard cost of a train ticket has also seen an increase.

The cost to travel one-way from London to Berlin on Saturday afternoon, arriving early Sunday morning, is about £410, according to Trainline.

For the same ticket a week later, it is around £255.

Stadium tickets

Fans wishing to purchase a last-minute ticket to see England v Spain in Berlin will be faced with disappointment, as tickets are 'currently unavailable' and sold out on UEFA's website.

Fan zones in Berlin

Fans will be able to watch the final in Berlin's fan zones for free - with no ticket required.

There are two fan zones located in Berlin: Reichstag, and Brandenburger Tor.

Reichstag's fan zone will be open from 2pm local time until midnight, and will also have an entertainment programme including live music and a DJ set.

Brandenburger Tor's fan zone will be open throughout the day, and makes for the perfect selfie spot - as the screen is framed by what UEFA is calling the world's largest football goal.

Fan zones in England

Football fans will also be able to watch the final at various places across England on Sunday too.


The Mayor of London has confirmed he will host 15,000 fans for a screening of the Euros final at The O2 Arena.

Tickets will be allocated via a ballot, on the City Hall's website, from 10am on Thursday until 9am Friday.

All three Boxparks across the capital will also be playing the match on Sunday, and Flat Iron Square has an impressive 18 screens to watch Sunday's match. They will all require booking tickets.

The Clapham Grand in South London will be playing the match on a massive 24ft screen - though you'll need to book your place.


The AO Arena has also confirmed it will host 21,000 fans for the final, after their success at hosting fans for the semi-final against the Netherlands. Tickets can be booked online.

Manchester's Lawn Club is also airing the match, though tickets will cost £20 per person and can be booked online.


Revolution Liverpool Albert Dock will be hosting 500 people with tickets free to book online.


Most pubs across the country will also be showing the match - though do check their website as some places are requiring you to book your place.


If you prefer to watch from the comfort of your own home or with friends, you will be able to watch the final across both BBC One from 7pm and ITV1 from 6.30pm.