England through to semi-finals, and Rwanda plan 'dead'

Front page of the Daily Express
Front page of the Observer
Front page of the Daily Mail
The Mail on Sunday claims the prime minister will start the process to renegotiate the UK's post-Brexit deal "within weeks". The paper cites EU sources as saying Sir Keir is willing to sign the UK back up to some Brussels rules in exchange for more relaxed free movement. [BBC]
Front page of the Daily Telegraph
Front page of the Sunday Times
The Sunday Times says former PM Tony Blair has warned Sir Keir that he needs a plan for migration. In an article for the paper, Mr Blair says the new government's focus should be on illegal migration, as it avoids "any vulnerability on wokeism". [BBC]
Front page of the Daily Star
And the Daily Star leads on England's win after a penalty shoot-out against Switzerland at the Euros, taking the Lions to the championship's semi-finals. [BBC]
Front page of the Sunday Mirror
"We've done it," says the Sunday Mirror after England's football performance in Germany. The paper goes on to quote Sir Keir as saying he is "restless for change" in his new role as Britain's PM. [BBC]
Front page of the Sunday People
"Roar power" is the Sunday People's lead, as it celebrates England's win. [BBC]

England's footballers, celebrating their win over Switzerland, are pictured on most of Sunday's front pages.

"Roar Power" is the Sunday People's headline, while the Sun describes it as "switzer knockout," while the Sunday Mirror declares: "We've done it."

The Sunday Express also pictures Prince William cheering on the team. The paper describes the match as "nerve shredding".

The Sunday Telegraph highlights the first overseas visit by the new Foreign Secretary David Lammy, who has held talks in Germany and will also travel to Poland and Sweden. The paper quotes a statement from the German foreign office saying it is working with the new UK government to see "how the UK can move closer to the EU".

The Mail on Sunday claims Sir Keir Starmer will start the process of renegotiating Britain's post-Brexit deal with the EU "within weeks". The paper says EU sources believe he wants lower trade barriers, and is willing to sign the UK back up to some Brussels rules in exchange.

Labour has denied that the prime minister plans to use a major summit he will host later this month to lobby EU countries. The former prime minister Boris Johnson tells the Mail "we are on the road to serfdom" because, he claims, the UK will be accepting rules set by Brussels.

Britain's Prime Minister Keir Starmer holds a news conference following his first cabinet meeting, at Downing Street in London, Britain, 06 July 2024.

In an editorial, the Sun gives a positive assessment of Sir Keir's news conference on Saturday, describing it as a "confident, analytical, performance of a prime minister determined to be across every detail".

But the paper warns he'll soon find out that governing a country is not the same as prosecuting a court case.

The Sunday Mirror's editorial says the work of rebuilding Britain has begun, after what it calls 14 years of despair under the Conservatives.

The paper says the prime minister knows that, if Reform UK is to be kept at bay, Labour must deliver.

Writing in the Sunday Times, the former PM Tony Blair offers advice to the new government on how to face the challenge from Nigel Farage and his party.

Mr Blair suggests Sir Keir should focus on illegal immigration and law and order and avoid "any vulnerability on wokeism".

He also argues that the introduction of digital ID cards would help tackle illegal immigration.

In an article in the Telegraph, former home secretary Suella Braverman says the Conservatives deserved to lose the election.

She accuses Rishi Sunak of pursuing, as she puts it, an "idiotic strategy of intermittently and inconsistently making Tory Right noises, which disintegrated when set against our liberal Conservative record".

The paper says Mrs Braverman is laying the groundwork for a bid to lead the party.

Another possible contender, the former immigration minister, Robert Jenrick, tells the Sun the Conservatives suffered the humiliating defeat because they'd failed to bring down immigration.

He says the party now must "repent" if it is to bounce back.

Finally the Observer says officials in the House of Commons are facing a massive logistical challenge with the arrival of 334 new MPs.

One source tells the paper it will be "like freshers week" because most of them will not know their way around or what to do.

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