Epileptic seizure and alcohol blamed for man’s death at recruitment center

Ukrainian military uniform
Ukrainian military uniform

A man who fell ill at a recruitment center in Zvyagel, Ukraine’s Zhytomyr Oblast, allegedly died of epilepsy at the local hospital, the regional Territorial Recruitment Center (TRC) reported on Facebook on June 5.

On May 28, the man was taken to one of the district centers for a military medical examination. Witnesses cited by the TRC claimed that the man had been drinking excessively and showed signs of “minor injuries.” The next morning, he suffered an epileptic seizure, which was attributed to his prolonged alcohol consumption. The man was reportedly given with first aid and an ambulance was called.

"The investigators who conducted the examination found that no external physical force was exerted on the man," the TRC wrote, adding that the incident was classified as self-mutilation.

Sadly, the man died in hospital on June 2 from injuries sustained during the epileptic seizure.

This follows another recent report of the sudden deterioration in health and subsequent death of a man after being declared fit for military service by a TRC in Zakarpattya Oblast.

Cases of civilian deaths in TRCs

At the end of February, a 49-year-old man suddenly fell ill and died at Ternopil Regional Military Clinical Hospital. The TRC stated that the conscript's cause of death was allegedly epilepsy, and an investigation is underway.

In April, a mobilized man in Zakarpattya Oblast died on the way to a training center; the TRC claimed that the cause was also epilepsy. Parliamentary Commissioner for Human Rights Dmytro Lubinets has opened an investigation.

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On May 5, a man died on the grounds of a TRC in Kryvyi Rih. The Dnipropetrovsk Regional TRC stated that the death was caused by a sudden sharp deterioration in health, “accompanied by signs of an epileptic seizure.”

His daughter stated that her father did not have epilepsy and alleged that he was “beaten to death” by TRC staff. The prosecutor's office has opened a criminal investigation into the actions of the military.

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