Erika Jayne feels ‘vindicated’ after court ruling

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Erika Jayne says she feels “vindicated” after a major legal win in her estranged husband Tom Girardi’s embezzlement case.
The 'Real Housewives' star had been sued as part of a $5 million fraud case for “aiding and abetting” disgraced lawyer Tom, 82, in his alleged embezzlement of settlement funds meant for his clients but Los Angeles Judge Richard Fruin recently found there was no evidence Erika participated in “any wrongdoing”, according to her attorney, Evan C. Borges.
And the 51-year-old star admitted she's feeling good about the ruling.
Speaking to MailOnline, she said: “It’s a good day.”
When asked if she felt “vindicated” by the court ruling and she replied: “Yes, I do.”
And when asked what she would say to her critics, she added: “All I asked for was some time and some understanding. And today is a good day.”
The pair were first sued in December 2020 on behalf of several families who had lost loved ones in the October 2018 Lion Air Flight 610 crash, with the group accusing the former attorney of taking their settlement money to pay off loans to keep his law firm afloat and to fund a lavish lifestyle with Erika.
Tom’s former colleagues, attorneys Philip R. Sheldon and Robert P. Finn, and their attorney Ronald Richards, filed a lawsuit and said they plan to appeal the ruling concerning Erika.
The judge had ruled:“The Court finds that there is no triable issue of material fact as to Ms Girardi having ‘actual knowledge’ of plaintiffs claims of the existence of a fiduciary duty between plaintiffs and (Girardi and Girardi Keese.)
“The Court, therefore, grants summary judgement in favour of defendant Erika Girardi.”
Erika shared the New York Post's Page Six story on the decision on Instagram on Wednesday, and said in a caption: “Thank you to my friends that have stood beside me. All I asked for was time and understanding.”
She also posted a headline from the Los Angeles Times headline about Tom’s relationship with Tricia A. Bigelow and his alleged wiring of $300,000 to the former judge as she was buying an ocean-front condominium in Santa Monica, California.
The LA Times reported funds were sent from the ex-lawyer’s trust account and allegedly contained settlement money intended for cancer victims and others who sued cement manufacturers in 2008 in Riverside Superior Court.
Erika, who is currently on screens on season 12 of ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’, said in a caption alongside the headline: “Wow. I knew about jewellery, shopping sprees, and plastic surgery but this really threw me for a loop.”