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'Heaven with a handle' This ice roller may be the pain reliever you need — and it's now $15

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Morning swelling turned into all-day puffiness? Constantly sidelined by chronic migraines? We’ve got a remedy you might want to try. Beauty enthusiasts and TikTokers rave about jade and rose quartz rollers for relaxing and cooling your face — this Ice Roller from Esarora works kind of like those contraptions, but it takes soothing to an otherworldly level. Some people even call it the “jack of all trades” — and right now you can get it at Amazon for $15 when you apply an on-page coupon.


Ice Roller

$15$19Save $4
This freezable gadget is designed to give you cold relief. Just freeze the head, and when you need it, pop it on the handle and roll it over the spot that needs cooling.
$15 at Amazon

Like jade and rose quartz rollers, people use this ice roller on their face for the chilling effect that helps reduce pain and swelling. The gel-filled roller head comes with a detachable handle, which doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it sets it apart from the other rollers. Freezing the head without the handle means your hands won’t get cold when you’re treating your face or other parts of your body with the chilled head. When you need it, just take the head out of the freezer, pop it on to the handle and roll away the pain.

The head is also a bit bigger than a jade or rose quartz roller to cover more surface area. Amazon shoppers have a gazillion uses for it — so far, more than 14,000 five-star reviewers rave about this gadget.

“I initially got it to help reduce eye puffiness,” a rave reviewer shared. “I now use it most mornings to help wake me up. In addition, I suffer from migraines and this ice roller is a wonderful tool to use if a cold compress is something that soothes your migraines. I will sometimes hold the ice roller over whichever eye is throbbing with pain the most. Lastly, this year I got clocked in the head by a German Shepard, the cut was pretty bad (probably should have gotten stitches), and once it started to heal I used this ice roller on it to help with the healing process and I can barely see the mark on my forehead.”

“I bought this product for myself to help me with the puffiness under my eyes,” wrote another savvy shopper. “Turns out that it’s much more than that. My daughter suffers from sever anxiety and panic attacks.... She would literally have to go outside and lay in the cold concrete to calm her down. When this item got delivered she found it in my freezer, she used it and said this was a god's blessing to her.”

ice roller, woman splashing face, woman holding ice roller, ice roller
A soothing solution to a variety of problems. (Photo: Amazon)

Migraines and sinus headaches

One of the most popular uses for this roller is pain relief. Migraine sufferers rave about this gadget.

“This is a lifesaver!” wrote a migraine sufferer. “The coolness that this provides is so healing when i role it over my forehead, eyes, neck, etc. I am also using it in the morning when i wake up and my eyes are “puffy.” And finally, I roll it on the back of my neck when I am feeling too warm and I just need to quickly cool down. I am unbelievably surprised by how much I love this item. You will not be disappointed!”

"I was in the habit of rolling a cold can of soda on my forehead to help with tension headaches and sinus pain," wrote another relieved shopper. "That was cumbersome and not always cold enough. This ice roller works so well to ease the pain from sinuses and tension. It froze very quick and I felt instant relief. The rolling motion even cleared my sinuses and I could breathe better right away."

Anti-aging and beauty treatments

Some shoppers love how it soothes the skin on their face.

"Heaven with a handle," wrote one satisfied customer. "I sincerely believe these should be given out at birth. This is a game changer. It’s so oddly relaxing and toning to the face. My skin has a glow like never before after consistent use. I have already bought three more and gifted them to friends."

​​"I use this ice roller in my esthetician treatment room after extractions, peels and/or waxing," shared a beauty expert. "My clients love it! It drastically reduces inflammation and swelling...thereby leaving the skin in a much healthier state than if I didn't use it.... I can apply a calming colloidal oatmeal masque (in powder form) or other setting masque and simply roll right over it.... Very easy to clean and disinfect between clients. Also feels great when trying to stay cool during the crazy heat waves that SoCal has been experiencing!"


Ice Roller

$15$19Save $4
This freezable gadget is designed to give you cold relief. Just freeze the head, and when you need it, pop it on the handle and roll it over the spot that needs cooling.
$15 at Amazon

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