Estonia mulls sending troops to Ukraine for rear support, official says

Estonian flag
Estonian flag

The Estonian government is "seriously" considering the possibility of sending troops to western Ukraine in a "support" capacity, to free up Ukrainian forces for combat duty, Estonia’s presidential Security and Defense Policy Adviser, Madis Roll, said on May 13.

In an interview with Breaking Defense, Roll said that the Estonian authorities are currently analyzing the feasibility of such a step. The country hopes that the deployment of troops to Ukraine would be carried out as part of a full NATO mission but does not rule out Estonia acting within a smaller international coalition.

"The discussions are ongoing; we must consider all options, we should not limit ourselves in what we can do," said the official.

He also did not rule out that other NATO members might be persuaded to do the same in the future.

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In another interview with Breaking Defense a few months ago, Estonia's Defense Forces Commander, Gen. Martin Herem, said that the military discussed sending troops to western Ukraine to perform such tasks as medical service, logistics, or air defense for some Ukrainian cities.

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