EU Ambassador reveals extent of Ukrainian generation destroyed by Russia

Ambassador of the European Union to Ukraine Katarina Maternova spoke about the situation with the Ukrainian energy system
Ambassador of the European Union to Ukraine Katarina Maternova spoke about the situation with the Ukrainian energy system

One of the key priorities in EU-Ukraine cooperation is meeting urgent needs in energy equipment, especially in light of the fact that Russia has already destroyed 9.2 GW of Ukrainian generation, the EU Ambassador to Ukraine, Katarina Maternova, announced on Facebook.

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“We discussed Ukraine's key priorities for the coming months, including the urgent need for energy equipment to help mitigate the effects of ongoing Russian missile attacks on energy infrastructure," she wrote following the meeting of EU ambassadors with members of the Ukraine's Cabinet of Ministers.

"Taking into account the attack carried out two nights ago, Russia destroyed 9.2 GW of Ukrainian generation."

Ukraine lost more than 8 GW of power generation due to the latest targeted Russian missile attacks, and the risk of further significant losses still remains, Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal stated in mid-April.

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The Ukrainian government at the meeting also presented a prepared matrix of reforms, which includes "the conditions of the IMF program, the EU Fund for Ukraine, the DPO of the World Bank, the list of US reforms and the priorities of the G7 reforms," Maternova said.

The Trypillia TPP in Kyiv Oblast was destroyed in an April 11 Russian attack, resulting in a 100% loss of Centrenergo's generation.

DniproHES lost both power plants in March 2024. The dam survived, but the equipment was destroyed, the restoration of the Dnipro HPP will take years.

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The TPP-5 in Kharkiv was destroyed. Its restoration is equivalent to building a new plant, which will also take years.

Kharkiv Oblast's Zmiivska TPP (Centrenergo) was destroyed.

DTEK Group (owned by Rinat Akhmetov) reported an 80% loss in generation.

All units of the Burshtyn and Ladyzhyn TPPs were damaged.

A gas storage facility in western Ukraine also suffered damage.

Two HPPs were decommissioned as of May 9.

Controlled emergency power outages were introduced in all regions of Ukraine from May 14.

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