EU approves Microsoft's huge Activision deal

STORY: The EU approved Microsoft's multi-billion-dollar deal for game maker Activision on Monday (May 15).

It's a relief for the U.S. tech giant, after Britain blocked the buyout last month.

Microsoft wants to buy the 'Call of Duty' maker for $69 billion, but has faced regulatory pushback.

A U.S. Federal Trade Commission case against the deal is also pending.

But the European Commission argued the buyout was pro-competitive.

Regulators were satisfied by Microsoft's agreement to license popular Activision games to rival game streaming services.

It has signed licensing deals with gaming majors like Nvidia and Nintendo to bring Activision games to their platforms if the deal goes through.

The EU's approval could now prompt regulators in China and South Korea to follow their thinking.

Japan permitted the deal in March.

The UK took an opposite view in April when it claimed the deal would hit competition in cloud gaming.

British regulators stood by the veto on Monday.

Microsoft said it would appeal that decision, with a ruling expected to take months.