Euro 2024: Eight England fans arrested in Frankfurt - as offences revealed

Eight England fans have been arrested in Frankfurt, where the Three Lions took on Denmark on Thursday night in their Euro 2024 clash.

One was detained for riding an e-scooter while under the influence of alcohol.

Others were held for bodily harm and violating narcotics laws.

The police also confirmed one arrest had been made after a person attempted to enter the stadium dressed as a referee - though their nationality was not specified.

Hessen Police said no Danish fans were arrested in Frankfurt yesterday.

A spokesman added that there was an "exuberant mood" among English and Danish fan groups - and despite the arrests, there was a "peaceful togetherness on the streets".

In other developments, the UK Football Policing Unit is looking to speak to a man in connection with an assault that took place outside the stadium where England played Serbia last Sunday.

An England fan suffered a broken jaw - and investigations lead Supt Mike Anders said: "The victim of this assault has received quite serious injuries in what we believe was an unprovoked attack.

"We are keen to identify the man in this picture as soon as we possible can to help with our enquiries.

"He is also believed to be an England supporter."

On Wednesday, three England fans were arrested by German police.

Their alleged offences included bottle throwing, throwing a missile at an officer, and being in possession of drugs.

Although there was a small amount of unrest around Thursday's match, the UK Football Policing Unit said no major issues were reported as 2,000 fans packed into the main city square in Frankfurt.

"This is indicative of what we have seen across Germany so far, with the vast majority of England fans behaving extremely well," the statement added.

Ahead of the Group C clash between England and Denmark - which ended in a 1-1 draw - local detectives had classed the match as "high risk".

But while there was an increased police presence in and around the stadium, there was no ban on alcohol sales within the venue.

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In the run-up to England's match against Serbia last weekend, riot police were forced to intervene outside a restaurant festooned with Serbian flags.

Video posted on social media showed men throwing chairs at each other.

Seven Serbia supporters and one England fan were detained after the brawl and missed the game.

Last week, Sky News spoke to the British officers deployed to Germany to help monitor England fans.

PC Stuart Dickerson, from the UK Football Policing Unit, said: "We have seen people openly taking cocaine off the back of their hands.

"They're drinking beer that's a lot stronger than they're used to and people tend to get carried away and do things they don't do at home."

He warned that "the slightest thing" can change the dynamic in the crowd after hours of drinking - with something as little as a smashed bottle or a cross word sparking a fight.

"They're singing a song and all of a sudden, they just turn, and you see the body language change, the chest puffs up," he added.

Spotters in the crowd have identified English supporters who have previous convictions for football violence - and at the time of the interview, PC Dickerson said about 100 known hooligans had been seen.

After a disappointing draw, attention now turns to England's final group game in Cologne.

Gareth Southgate's side will face Slovenia in Cologne at 8pm UK time on Tuesday.