European elections: French parties compete for seats at the EU parliament

Europeans will be voting from June 6-9 for members of the European Parliament, where France holds 81 of the 720 seats up for grabs. French voters will choose among candidate lists submitted by the country’s political parties; those hoping to lead their parties to EU victory are known as têtes de liste (head of the list). FRANCE 24 looks at the seven whose parties are likely to surpass the 5 percent threshold needed to win a seat in the European Parliament.

A record 38 French parties are fielding candidate lists for the European parliamentary elections this year, some of them established political figures and others less known.

Representation at the European Parliament is allocated by population, with France holding the second-highest number of seats with 81 after Germany, which leads with 96.

Member nations' seats are allocated proportionally, so if a party wins 25 percent of its national vote it will also receive 25 percent of its country’s seats at the European Parliament.

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