Eva Longoria's dog died 2 days before giving birth

Eva Longoria's dog died two days before she gave birth.

The former 'Desperate Housewives' star gave birth to her little boy Santiago Enrique, whom she has with her husband Jose 'Pepe' Baston, seven weeks ago but she has admitted it was a bitter sweet time because she sadly lost her pet pooch just before.

Speaking on 'Lorraine' on Friday (10.08.18), she said: "Two days before I gave birth I lost my Maltese that I had for 15 years. It was very hard.

"My husband didn't even want to tell me how sick he was because he thought I was going to go into labour. That's how close my dog and I were. It was really hard."

The 43-year-old actress recently returned to work to promote her new film 'Dog Days' and, although she's enjoying taking her little one with her, Santiago seems somewhat confused his mother's new look as he's only ever seen her without make up on.

She joked: "This is my first day of work since having the baby. I was breastfeeding and this was the first time I've done hair and make-up and I think my baby was looking at me going, 'Who is this woman, where's my mum?' "

Although Eva has been praised for her post-baby body, the brunette beauty thinks she still has a "long way to go" until she's back to the way she was before pregnancy.

She explained: "I have a long way to go. He was fully cooked, so I just kept getting bigger and bigger. So it looks like I look great because I was so big so now it's definitely going to take some effort to get back to the way I was."

But she doesn't mind what she looks like because she's so in love with her baby.

She added: "Now that I have my son, its like every cliché they tell you is true - your life's going to change, you're going to love him so much - I knew I'd love him very much, but it feels like my heart is outside of my body when I see him."