Everything You’re Dying To Know About The New Contestants Of ‘GBBO’

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'The Great British Bake Off' Bakers AnnouncedPhotographer: Mark Bourdillon

Get your whisks and aprons ready, because the new season of The Great British Baking Show is set return to Netflix on September 29. (The Great British Bake Off, as it's known in the UK, come back on September 26 on Channel 4.) And if you're wondering who's competing in season 14, Netflix just announced the lineup of contestants.

Syabira Yusoff took first place last year, but who will win this time around? Let's get to the new contestants, so you can start making your predictions. Here's who will be competing this season:

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Top row, from left: Abbi, Amos, Matty. Middle row: Nicky, Cristy, Rowan, Keith, Dana. Front row: Tasha, Josh, Saku, DanNetflix

Abbi, 27

Abbi draws her inspiration from the environment surrounding her English countryside home—she even forages for seasonal ingredients.

Amos, 43

Amos' mom was his role model for baking and he calls his baking style 'traditional with a modern twist.'

Cristy, 33

Cristy's specialty is cakes and her baking style is "enchanted and pretty," drawing inspiration from her Israeli heritage and her husband's Jamaican background.

Dan, 42

Dan's very interested in pies and puddings. He also loves finding a challenge in one of his over 300 cookbooks.

Dana, 25

Dana has been baking since she was 16. Her cakes are often simple with minimalist decoration, but often draws on her Indian heritage with her use of spices.

Josh, 27

A chemist, Josh brings a scientific approach to his baking. The rugby player also draws inspiration from old baking books, baking modern takes on classics and incorporating vegetables from his kitchen garden.

Keith, 60

Keith grew up baking apple pies, fairy cakes, and traditional dishes from Malta. He particularly enjoys tackling complex baking projects and has been turning to baking books from the early 1970s.

Matty, 28

Matty still remembers the teddy-bear cake his grandma made him for his fourth birthday. After GBBO, he's planning to make a wedding cake for his own wedding.

Nicky, 52

Nicky started baking with her grandma when she was a child and now describes her baking style as "like a pair of comfy old slippers." She loves making pastries, but also breads and birthday cakes.

Rowan, 21

Rowan isn't just a baker, but also a writer and an avid cocktail fan. He first started baking scones, shortbread, pork pies, and traditional jam tarts.

Saku, 50

Saku was born in Sri Lanka and infuses flavors of country's cuisine into her baking—particularly her pie fillings. The self-taught baker also enjoys incorporating ingredients from her vegetable garden.

Tasha, 27

Tasha has been baking since she was a child and uses the hobby as a way to express herself creatively. The BBC reported that she's the first deaf contestant to compete on the show.

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