Everything You Need To Know Before Watching 'Queer Eye' Season 7

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queer eye season 7
What You Need To Know About 'Queer Eye' Season 7Iiana Panich-Linsman/Netflix

The Fab 5 is officially heading to the Big Easy, and we couldn't be more excited! The season 7 premiere of Queer Eye is rapidly approaching, and there are a few things you should know before tuning in. Here's all the most important info:

When Does Season 7 Premiere?

Get your snacks ready because the season 7 premiere of Queer Eye is Friday, May 12. The season will consist of seven, 45-minute episodes that will all be made available to stream on the 12th. For anyone ready to binge watch as soon as the season becomes available, it will reportedly go live on Netflix at midnight PST/3 a.m. EST.

If you've noticed that the number of episodes seems a bit shorter than normal, you'd be right. Season 7 will be the shortest season of Queer Eye given that previous seasons have consisted of at least eight episodes.

Will All Five Co-Hosts Be There?

Of course! Bobbi, Antoni, Tan, Jonathan, and Karamo will all appear this season. Not only that, but all five of them have expressed their excitement for the upcoming season.

Karamo even offered a bit of a warning to fans, writing "Get your tissues ready" in a caption on Instagram.

In an interview last year, Tan told E! that "New Orleans was the hardest place we ever shot" because of the long-lingering effects of Hurricane Katrina. "Seeing the devastation, seeing what it did to families, seeing how much poverty it created, that's what got me. Some of our heroes have just never been able to recover. And so that's why the transformations were so special, because it's as if many of them have stood still in time," he said, adding, "I cried more this season than I've ever cried on Queer Eye ever."

queer eye season 7

Who Will Be Featured This Season?

A trailer for the new season, as well as an article from Netflix, offered a bit more insight into who will be the featured in season seven. We can expect appearances from a group of fraternity brothers, a New Orleans Saints superfan, a teacher, a formerly incarcerated thrift store owner, and more.

"Over the seven new episodes, the Queer Eye co-hosts will once again lend their expertise in food and wine, interior design, fashion, grooming and culture to a new crop of heroes. But expect extra sparkle and sass in the Big Easy, as the Bobbi, Antoni, Tan, Jonathan and Karamo transform the lives of residents in need of a fresh start from the inside out," read the Netflix article.

In the trailer for the new season, the five fellas can be seen tackling the horrors of a fraternity house (Jonathan's screams have us shook!). They also teach an educator how to love herself and, of course, shed plenty of tears. We'll even get what might be one of the biggest makeovers yet.

"This is arguably one of my biggest makeovers ever in Queer Eye history, honey," Jonathan declared in trailer.

Do You Have Any Spoilers?

We're not in the market of giving away spoilers, but we can say that season 7 of Queer Eye has been met with glowing reviews already. The A.V. Club applauded the season for being "as satisfying and soul-warming as ever," and Evening Standard called it "a joy."

While we don't have spoilers, we do have plenty of snack recipes that are perfect for a binge-watching session this weekend.

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