Ex-GOP Lawmaker Shreds Donald Trump’s Latest Joe Biden Spin With 1 Word

Donald Trump’s changing line of attack on Joe Biden ― from focusing on the president’s age to now alleging that he is some kind of a criminal mastermind ― is down to one thing, according to former Rep. David Jolly (R-Fla.).

And that is projection.

Jolly, appearing Monday as a commentator on MSNBC, was asked if voters would buy the new right-wing talking point, given how Trump now faces mounting legal woes and multiple days in court.

“Not if they spot the projection from Donald Trump,” responded Jolly, who announced in 2018 that he had left the Republican Party.

Usually when Trump “makes an accusation, there’s some truisms about his own behavior and personality,” noted Jolly.

But the narrative of the “Biden crime family” does “hold tight within the Republican constituency,” he admitted.

That could be countered, though, by what appears to be the motivations of the pair. Trump only “wants to wrangle over his own personal jeopardy issues and try to blame Joe Biden for the deep state,” Jolly said.

“Joe Biden’s got a strong message on how he’s helping Americans. Donald Trump — just on how he’s trying to help himself,” he added.

Watch Jolly’s commentary on MSNBC, posted by Raw Story, here: