EXCLUSIVE: MAFS' Lucinda Light 'upset' after surprising fallout with Timothy Smith

Eden Harper spills on Lucinda and Timothy’s current relationship status.

MAFS’ Timothy Smith and Lucinda Light.
MAFS’ Lucinda Light is reportedly ‘upset’ about her fractured friendship with Timothy Smith. Photos: Channel Nine

Married At First Sight’s Lucinda Light is reportedly “upset” following the recent breakdown of her friendship with her on-screen ‘husband’ Timothy Smith. While the pair ended the reality show as close friends, it was revealed earlier this month that they had unfollowed each other on Instagram and have also been untagged in photos on each other’s profiles, which suggests they may have blocked each other.

Timothy has since shared a video on TikTok addressing rumours of a ‘feud’, declaring that he wishes his TV ‘wife’ “all the best in the future” but their lives have simply taken “different directions”. Lucinda has yet to speak out about their rift herself, however, her co-star and close friend Eden Harper shared an insight about the former couple’s current relationship during a recent appearance on Yahoo Lifestyle’s podcast Behind the Edit.

“I have spoken to Lu a little bit but I’ll leave that for Lu to speak. I think Lu’s pretty upset by it,” she shared. “I think she really wants to stay friends, as far as I know.”


When asked if she was surprised to learn that Lucinda and Timothy’s friendship had come to an abrupt end, Eden said “Yes and no”.

“I really did think they'd be friends for life but Timothy's pretty rogue sometimes,” she remarked. “He’s got really strong opinions, and good for him, but he's pretty certain. If he thinks this is wrong, then it is wrong and he goes hard on that. So I guess if he has an opinion on something, he's just gonna go for it.”

MAFS’ Lucinda Light, Eden Harper and Andrea Thompson.
Eden (middle) said she thought Lucinda and Timothy would be ‘friends for life’. Photo: Instagram/lucindaslight

Following Lucinda and Timothy’s fallout, it’s been reported that a potential reason for their rift could be that he was “jealous” of her post-show success.

One of their season 11 co-stars anonymously admitted to Yahoo Lifestyle earlier this month that “there’s a lot of resentment towards Lucinda because she’s getting the most work and opportunities” - which includes an upcoming speaking tour across the UK that’s generated around $250,000 in ticket sales.


While this may be true for some participants, Eden asserted that she has nothing but “love and support” for Lucinda.

“I mean, I can't speak on behalf of everyone but if there's anyone that deserves the success from the show it’s Lucinda. She's an icon, a national treasure, so I think that she should thrive and she is thriving,” she said.

“I can't see how anyone could be jealous of Lucinda. But I also think with the cast, everyone has their own niches. Like, Lucinda’s not competition for anyone else, she’s in her own lane. Everyone's in their own lane. There's no competition around here, we’re all just doing our own thing and trying to make it work for ourselves.”

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