Explosions rock Luhansk as car blast targets member of puppet authority

A column of smoke rises near the Avangard stadium in Luhansk
A column of smoke rises near the Avangard stadium in Luhansk

Explosions rocked the occupied city of Luhansk, with reports suggesting that the explosions were linked to a car bomb targeting a member of the Russian puppet authority in Luhansk, according to a pro-Russian Telegram channel on Dec. 6.

This channel also shared a video of a burned-out car near the Avangard stadium in Luhansk city. The damaged car was later identified as belonging to Oleg Popov, supposedly a member of the puppet authority in Luhansk.

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Preliminary information indicates Popov sustained injuries in the blast.

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Russian sources claim that Popov’s was previously involved in knitwear production, before the Russian invasion. Post-occupation, he assumed the role of “member” in the “People’s Council of LPR” for the first and third terms.

Popov notably led the “parliamentary committee on state security and defense, the work of law enforcement agencies and the judicial system, legality, the protection of human rights and freedoms.”

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Vladimir Rogov, head of the “We are Together with Russia” movement, confirmed the incident, stating that a member of the “People’s Council of LPR” was injured in a car explosion in central Luhansk.

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