Eyewitnesses report casualties in Donetsk Lenin district strike - photos, video

Paradise restaurant in Donetsk after being hit
Paradise restaurant in Donetsk after being hit

A missile strike in Donetsk’s Lenin district has left several people injured and dead, according to Russian Telegram channel Mash on May 11.

The missile reportedly hit a building near the site of the "DPR" Day rally, with shrapnel injuring attendees. Mash states five people were killed and six were wounded.

<span class="copyright">Astra/Telegram</span>
<span class="copyright">Donetsk Telegtam/Telegram</span>
Donetsk Telegtam/Telegram

At the same time, propagandist channel Donetsk Telegram writes that the strike was allegedly carried out by missiles from HIMARS MLRS targeted at Paradise restaurant. Five dead and six wounded reported there.

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InformNapalm reports that supporters of the “DPR” planned to hold a car rally to celebrate 10 years of occupation of oblast, but before the rally started, two non-residential buildings near parking lot with "DPR" and Russian flags were struck.

Earlier, authorities of the so-called “LPR” said that Ukrainian troops had struck an oil depot in Rovenky, Luhansk region, with ATACMS missiles on May 11.

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